Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today was our anniversary and we planned on going out to dinner.  Those plans changed when my friend (and student, and photographer) Tina invited us to join her and her husband Roger for what turned into a spectacular meal.  Ribs, German potato salad, green salad and a dessert of fresh peaches and blueberries with cream.  We ate outside under an umbrella and had a chance to walk around the property.  This is what we saw.  You have seen this "gentleman's farm" before....it is one in a million.  Miss Phoebe was invited also, as she and DJ are best buds.  He was very happy to see her (they are both part of the same therapy dog team).  By the way, Roger and Tina have an anniversary coming up the first week in August...we celebrated together.


  1. I think that sounds like a great way to spend an anniversary. My anniversay was yesterday, but Homer stayed home with the babies & Emily while I ran to football, then to soccer and back to football between 5:30-9:30. No evening for "us", but we'll make it up sometime.

  2. Happy Anniversary to you guys !Best wishes ! How many years?~ love the pics at Tina's house all the flowers ~seeing pics of the 2 sweet dogs Miss Phoebe & DJ
    Im glad you guys had a great time!

  3. It was a very nice evening.
    Who I am ? More exactly who are we ? I am a student and a rider. Sometimes, when I am too busy, my mother writes the comments. She enjoys to visit your blog.
    When on the pictures, "Phyto" is written, they are my mother's ones. When it's "Chevalendiable", they are mine.
    Generally, we make the movies together, discussing about the music, the places where we must cut or paste...
    About honey, we don't put it into the tea but on the bread. I enjoy it very much for breakfast.
    See you soon

  4. Happy Anniversary! I wish you long life and long love.


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