Monday, April 3, 2017

Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

 Gary fixed the fence boards in the west grass paddock (that were knocked down by our neighbors tree during the wind storm) so I decided to feed the horses there this morning.

They were feeling their Cherrios.

Before long they were out in the big pasture playing and rolling in the water.  95% of the time this ditch has no water in it.  All that rain we have had keeps it full and this week we are getting more!!!!
Little Wonder and Phoebe stuck it out with me for 2 hours, while I finished chores and picked the pastures.

 Next on the agenda....getting the studio ready.
I am determined to have class there tomorrow.
The door was left open much of the day so it would heat up.  Tomorrow I am hoping that my little heater will finish the job.

I was on fire today.  Next...I reorganized the shed where we store bikes, lawn mowers etc.
When I turned the key on my old faithful Toro lawn tractor it started right up, and that motivated me to drag the indoor.
In the meantime, the girls kept getting dirtier and dirtier.

Finally, I worked outside the Studio to clean up the area.

Gary spent the afternoon with Finn and Coop, as they did not have school today.
We he got home we had open faced veggie burgers and leftover mac salad.
Night all.


  1. If there's a puddle or mud the horses are sure to find it! You should see my little piggies. You really got a lot accomplished today. The studio looks open and ready to go.

  2. I had a fun time reading the routine of the day. The horses seem so happy and loved the water and mud! I am not on google+ either and find it difficult to give comments to a lot of people or even figure it out. I think the way things are going I will have to join google+ though.

  3. The lady doesn't know you were actually supervising her
    Lily & Edward


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