Friday, April 28, 2017

Another Day Full Of Sunshine

Pretty soon I just may go out and do chores earlier.
When the sun is out before 6:30 my eyes won't stay closed.

 Once again the wind was pretty strong.
 After finishing chores I decided to mow one of the small grass paddocks.
 Then I worked on the front paddock
 and started stripping one of the run ins.
 I managed to do a little yard work before going back in the house and then went to Brockport to run a couple of errands.
 Little Wonder was in one of his photogenic moods when I got back to the farm.

 This afternoon we had a nice quiet time before dinner.

Leftover spags and a salad.
At 7:30 we were in our seats waiting to watch Sankofa.
(Sankofa is an African Drumming and Dance Ensemble at SUNY Brockport).
Here is a short peak of one of the numbers I videoed at the dress rehearsal.
From beginning to end, the show was high energy, innovative and a pleasure to watch.
Of course my drumming pals were superb!
I don't know if there are any tickets left, but I would highly recommend trying to get some.
Several friends who work for the Town attended tonight (first time seeing Sankofa...which has taken place for at least 23 years) and I'm pretty sure they will be back next year!
 And to think we can see work of this caliber less than 10 minutes away from the farm!

Night all.

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