Sunday, December 18, 2016

Slip Sliddin' Away

Just what we needed.  Freezing rain.
After chores, I threw down hay and Karen stacked it for me in the feed room.
 The temperature reached 42 yesterday and was around 30 this morning...drizzling.
 As it is  going down to 11 tonight, we put out some old hay so the horses
won't have to walk on ice in the morning.

 Phoebe went back in the house again, but Little Wonder stuck with me.
He is getting pretty bold around the horses and wanted to converse with Maggie.

Our Sunday Jam which started at 1.  With all the holiday activity, I did not expect so many people to be there.
 Woody was able to make it and added a lot to the mix.

 I brought in several simple Christmas songs and Nancy sang "Jingle Bell Rock."

I am loving my new baritone ukulele and have learned a lot over the past year.

Back to the farm around 4 and was out in the barn by 4:30.

 No cooking tonight...we went down to 58 Main for a sandwich.
Upon our return, Little Wonder spent about 10 minutes straight trying to wrestle with Phoebe.

 She is a great sport!
Time to get out by the fire.
Night all.


  1. It warmed up here today and we had a lot of fog and rain. But I made it to the grand kids Christmas pageant regardless. Going down to 16 or less tonight. The paddocks should be like a skating rink. But there should be enough hay down to help with the footing.

    Phoebe is a good sport, it must be hard for her to put up with a little pest with a lot of energy. But I'm sure she likes the companionship.

  2. We know it's freezing when the horsies got coats
    Not Naughty,
    Lily & Edward


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