Saturday, December 17, 2016

Rain? What's Next?

 Last night we got more snow than we expected, so it was back to shoveling and Gary had to snow blow the driveway again.
I was working on the entrance to the indoor when this hawk perched himself on the frame of the overhang.  That was a first!  I was very close to him and he didn't make a move.

 Phoebe and Little Wonder stayed out for about 15 minutes before I put them back in the house.

 I hurried through chores and planned on going into Rochester for another Ukefest at Bernunzio's,
but at 9 the road was still covered with snow and more was falling.  Of course by 11 the temperature had gone up and the roads were bare and I missed it.  Not worth the risk.
This afternoon I  pulled all the roses etc. out of the base of the Christmas branch and replaced them with pine.  Now it looks more holidayish.
 Tucked the girls in by 5.  It was fairly mild by then.

 We spent some time by the fire before dinner
 and there was a lot of fetching going on.

LW of course....phoebe could care less.

 I'm going to have to come up with a name for this toy.  Any suggestions?

 Out of nowhere, the green "bone" appeared....now his yellow ball is missing.

 The roses on the kitchen table are starting to fade...

so I picked up three poinsettias today that will be centerpieces for Christmas Eve.
A very simple dinner tonight.  Leftover vegetable/barley soup and sandwiches 
on Adam's homemade rolls. 
Now it is raining!  If it freezes, we will be ice skating tomorrow and that is bad news for all.
Night all.


  1. The dogs are adorable. I especially liked Phoebe in the snow. Toys disappear and reappear here all the time. Ginger hides them all over and gets them when she feels the need.

    Snowed all night and morning here too, now it's foggy and raining. Ice would be bad I agree with that.

  2. Boingy thingy? LOL! Morris doesn't like those toys for some reason, he is odd and likes stuffed animal toys. He just flips them around the house. He also leaves them all over the floor!
    Hopefully you don't get the big chill. We have and this is the first year that Morris has been bothered by it.


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