Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lots Of Mud...

No beautiful sunrise this morning.
Cold and grey....period.

 The front paddock is just about to the boot sucking stage!
Little Wonder and Phoebe are not all that excited about walking through it.

 While we still out in the barn it started to rain/sleet/snow a little bit.

The dogs, Seymour and Sidney wanted back in the house.

 I spent a couple hours in meetings this afternoon and when I got back to the farm we had some friends stop in from the Big Apple.  They were on there way to Niagara Falls and
 it was nice to catch up.

 It seemed extra dark when we went out for evening chores.
 Tucked the girls in
 and walked back through the mud to the house.
It's surprising that the dogs were not more filthy.
 Those twinkie lights sure make the kitchen cozy.

 Time to get out by the fire.
 Night all.


  1. We are supposed to get our first real snowfall tonight. I can't wait!
    As for the Christmas Chair, share the idea. You are creative and have lovely way with everything you do.
    Give the pups a hug for me.
    Morris is waving a paw.

  2. Your lights look very festive. I've been decorating too. Hope that mus dries up soon, that's no fun.

  3. Your twinkling lights sure make your home cozy; something to look forward to after the muddy outdoors.

  4. The dogs want inside...they know where it is warm and comfy!


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