Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Lake Effect Snow

 The moon was really bright just before the sun came up.

 As soon as I got out to the barn I put the heavy Rambos on the girls.
There is a real change in the weather on the way and we were lucky to have sunshine
for part of the day.

 Gary picked the last of the Brussels sprouts....just in the nick of time.
 By mid afternoon the snow started to arrive.

 I was all for staying in by the fire.
 The pups were willing to go out in the back yard for just a couple of minutes.

 After spending much of my day on the phone I managed to make a pot of vegetable/barley soup.
Served it with a London Broil/Swiss cheese/Russian Dressing pannini.  So good.
Over and out.
Night all!


  1. We are a bit cool here too and a storm is on the way. Looks like you had a real weather changing day!

  2. The first picture could be a Christmas card
    Lily & Edward


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