Thursday, December 1, 2016

Camera? What Camera?

It rained a lot last night and was still sprinkling this morning.
Not only that, the temperature started to drop.
I was just not in the mood to take photos.

 Phoebe went back in the house and Little Wonder braved the weather.
He is pretty comfortable around the horses now, and they seem ok with him.

 I spent a lot of time on my computer today and finally worked up the energy to make a pot of soup.
 Carina's bread was perfect on the side.
For us, dinner would not be complete without a salad.
 Corn, red peppers, onions, carrots, bacon and peas.  Some stock and milk finished it off.  Chowder.

And that's about it, except for one thing.
On Christmas Eve we invite many people over for a pot luck supper.  Many do not have family near by, so we spend it together.  Very casual, jeans, good food, cozy fires and plenty of conversation.
We will have anywhere from 20 - 40 guests.
Today I worked on this year's invitation.  Here it is in progress minus the RSVP info.
The photo of Little Wonder just touches me.
Night all.


  1. How adorable is that invitation?!! does LW like parties? Love that you have a big thing on Christmas Eve. I'm sure that's so fun!

  2. And what a night it will be, bring a plate and enjoy fab company, L W included.

  3. What a great invite! How cool is that? Morris is jealous.


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