Friday, December 16, 2016

Another Dog and Pony Show...

My subject matter seems to be featuring the same things lately.
More snow.  Very cold.  Dogs in. Dogs out. Cats in. Cats out.  Ponies out.  Extra hay.
Cozy fire, sleeping dogs.  Shoveling.  Shoveling.

 The moon was still visible when I took Little Wonder and Phoebe out before they ate breakfast.
 Their jackets were required.

 Too cold to hang out in the barn, so they went back in.
Little Wonder dared me to take off his jacket.
 They took it easy while I cleaned the stalls.

 Gary was kind enough to clear out the driveway with the snow blower before he went to Java for coffee.  I'm so glad we don't have to shovel the whole thing anymore.

 I let the pups out again when I was finished.

 LW spent some time on our bed with his BFF when they got in from the cold.

 This afternoon I spent some time in front of the fire playing my uke.
Contemplating going into Rochester tomorrow for another uke fest at Burnunzio's.
 I was entertained the entire time.

 Finally LW ran out of gas and he, Phoebe and Sidney sacked out.

 Tonight the Town's Highway Department joined the Village's DPW for a great holiday gathering.
Lots of good food.  So nice that these two groups not only work well together....but they also host this, in appreciation of all those who work so hard to keep things working for our residents.
 Home a little after 8.
Night all.

One of my favorite tastes of the night was a Reuben Dip made by our 
Town Supervisor.
Layer one - sauerkraut (squeeze out the liquid)
Layer two - chopped up pastrami or corned beef
Layer three - a mixture of mayo/Russian dressing (1/2 cup each) spread on top of meat
Layer four - grated Swiss cheese
Bake in oven until bubbly..(20 minutes at 325-350)
Serve with crackers or pumpernickel rounds

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  1. Those poor animals that live with you sure have a hard life! Cute pictures.


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