Friday, August 5, 2016

Still Waiting...

Another hot day and the best chance for rain.
So deal.
Yesterday the sunrise was very crisp....
 this morning it was covered by clouds.

 The girls were in for a very hot day.
 It's a good thing there was a breeze.
 Judy and I went over to Roger and Tina's and stayed in the water just under two hours.
 These are some of the gardens surrounding the outside of the pool.

 I had chore duty tonight.  Once again it looked grey and once again there was not a drop of rain.

 I treated Gary to dinner at the Bergen Family Restaurant.  Pancakes sounded good to me and I found out that they don't make them on Friday nights.
On the way, Gary had to pull the car over so I could grab some shots of the sunset.

Night all.


  1. Your 3rd to last photo, with a sliver of colour at the edges of the grey, beautiful.

  2. Glorious nights though! We have had too much rain. Trees will just fall over with a wind we are so saturated.
    I must say that the pastures are staying green though and we are not having the usual dry July-August weather.


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