Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Another One of Those Days

I swear that I am picking up the winter habits of bears.
Hibernation is in.  Give me a fire and a book and I'm toast.
It started to sleet/snow/rain last night and the temperature went up 
to the low 40s today.  There is still snow on the ground and the paddocks
are a mess.

Maggie is improving and she could not wait to roll this morning.

Class at 10:30.
A new student started today....welcome Doug C.

Gary went down to the village to donate blood around two and I
binged on a Netflix series.
Late afternoon, sunshine exploded all over the place.

Made a fresh salad and warmed up leftovers for dinner.
Night all.


  1. That late afternoon sun certainly made for some beautiful pictures!

  2. Beautiful, snow, one of them rolling in delight, and sunshine to end another day in Paradise.

  3. Sounds an excellent day!
    Beautiful clicks.
    Thanks for sharing.!!


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