Monday, September 21, 2015

The Sky Zone...

What a day!  It was non stop.
 The sunrise was spectacular.

 Crispy.  Each morning I feed the dogs, then go out on the back porch and give the cats their breakfast.  Can you see how much the morning glories have grown in the past week?  
Very easy to train.
 At 7:05 the phone rang (I was still in my PJs) and a man said, "I am in your driveway with a load of wood chips."  That was the first I knew that he was coming and quickly got dressed.
 The truck (with a load on it) was left around the corner on Saturday for some repairs.  Since he was driving by our house he figured it was a good time to drop it off.

 Look what happened when he dumped it!

 It was only in the high 40s and there was a lot of heat in the chips causing steam to blast into the air.  Just what I needed....so I spread it out and left it there for much of the day.

 After chores I went to Brockport to pick up more signs and delivered a few.
By 4 Ben, our farrier, arrived.

 Abbe and Berlin were trimmed.
 Karen stopped by after work to help us put the chips in the run in.
With three of us working it did not take very long.

 Just as I was coming out of the paddock, a truck arrived loaded with canvases.
A friend sold her house and was storing them for a local painter.  Since they were leaving town tomorrow, she made arrangements to have them brought to the farm in the back of a pick up.
They are huge!  And there are a lot of them!  Gary and I are each going to do an enormous painting and my students will have their choice if they would also like to try something BIG.
 There's even a pile of canvases that need to be stretched.
 After that it was time for dinner.  Meatball subs and for some reason
I was in the mood for coleslaw.
 We are having an event here this weekend, and while I was out running around, a portajohn was delivered.  They left it right across from the kitchen as they did not know where to put it.
Fortunately, Gary was able to get it over by the indoor and we will place it later.   Beautiful, right?  There's a half moon on the door.
 Once again it was chore time.

 Tucked the girls in...
 changed my clothes, and was off to a meeting in Brockport (my third trip today).
 It was a little after 7 and the sun was setting.

Back home at 9:30 and I'm ready to crash.
Night all.


  1. Beautiful skies! Those canvases are huge. Can't wait to see how they're transformed into paintings.

  2. Wow pretty. We need cool weather quick.
    Lily & Edward

  3. It looks so lovely at your place. Looking forward to seeing what happens with the canvases.


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