Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Geezers....

 Today was the turning point.  Some rain and a cool down.

 After chores I ran a few errands and picked up a couple things at Wegmans.  By the time I left the store it was pouring.  Dry when I pulled in the driveway, but within minutes we were hit hard.
 Can you see where I added the strings so the morning glories are able to stretch out?

A perfect time to make another batch of jam.  This time it was peach.
Actually, our own organic peaches.

 By this afternoon the sun was back, but the temperature was in the 70s.  What an improvement.

Ben arrived around 4 to reset the shoes on Maggie and Angel.

 Karen did chores so Gary and I could go into Rochester with Tina and Roger.
We picked them up at 6:15.

We were headed to The Beale for dinner and to listen to a band called
You can tell by the signs on the side of the building that the food was going to be

 New Orleans style.

Roger and Tina knew one of the band members and to our surprise we knew another.
 After moving to Brockport in 1966, I actually played my guitar and sang folk songs at a coffee house called the Crypt, with the lead singer.  Man, that was a long time ago.
 The energy in this restaurant/bar was terrific.  Very relaxing and eclectic.

The Geezer(s) were all very accomplished musicians who will be playing here regularly on Wednesday nights.  I'd sure go back.
 Three of us had ribs
 and Gary had Sweet Potato Fried Chicken.
It was hard to eat, sing and white off my hands so I could keep taking videos/pictures.
 Who would guess that a trombone could fit in so beautifully with a lead guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer and a harmonica player. 

 They played everything from Paul Simon to Willie Nelson, along with some blues and more.

 Cards were being played in the back room.
 We all had a great time and are ready to go back with more of our friends.
Home by 9:30.
Night all.


  1. How fun! Is there anything you haven't done???

  2. Gucci why does your horsie have a hairs net on? Did she get her hairs done?
    Lily & Edward


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