Friday, September 18, 2015

Sara's At Sara's....

Busy morning.

 When Gary got home from Java, we moved the farm wagon from the end of the driveway and cleaned up the area.

 Went to Weggies and started getting ready for dinner.

 Made some eggplant (from our garden) parm,
 with the scratch sauce I prepared yesterday.

 Tim and Sara arrived a little before 4:30.  A nine hour drive.
We started off with some drinks and snacks.
 I was in the middle of making a rustic apple (from our tree) pie.

 They brought us two treats from Kentucky.  Will have to show you the other one tomorrow as I forgot to take a picture. 
 After the pie got out of the oven we headed over to Sara's Garden and Nursery.
 Sara and Tim loved it and both would love to work there!

 No wonder people love to get married here!  So beautiful!

 They had never seen such variety...ever.  Well worth the tour.
 Back to the farm by 7 and it was chore time.

 Sara helped me, then we went in for dinner.
Eggplant parm, white spags, a salad and crusty bread.
 It was delish.

 So was the pie.
Night all.

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  1. The pie looks delicious! I'd have been pretty scared going under that gravity-defying walkway!


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