Wednesday, September 30, 2015

It's Going to be a L O N G Month....

Well, we had about 30 hours of steady rain.

 The girls were wet off and on all day.  And the temperature remained in the 50s.
 After chores I headed down to Brockport (in my Barn clothes), as at 9:30 we were setting up our show (opening Sunday).

Home by lunch time.
 The flowers Gary won at the Gala we attended last weekend are still hanging in there.

 A little before 4 I went down to the Welcome Center to see a solar powered cargo boat!  The first ever.
It was made from scratch at a school.

 What a great idea!

 Margay, the Mayor of Brockport was there....
 and both of us learned a lot in a short time.
 The "cargo" was 4 tons of cardboard, being taken to ???? somewhere near the Hudson River?
It is capable of carrying 12 tons! 
 I would love to design one of these babies!  A solar powered tour boat.
The Solar Sal is 40 feet long and has two 5 horse motors.

 When they left for Adams Basin, where they will stay at a B&B tonight, it had plenty of gusto.
So glad I went down to see it.  Would love to have solar at our farm.
Did a little door to door and stopped at Weggies for some lomain and sesame chicken.
Not in the mood to cook tonight.
 Still can't get used to Karen doing evening chores.  Had to check things out....I'm so used to tucking them in.

It's just 8pm and I am going to kick back.
Night all.


  1. I don't envy you that rain, Lori! the art show looks like it will be lovely. I hope that you are enjoying kicking back!

  2. Solar, the way to go, and after the installation costs, all free, I have a friend who has put in solar for all her power, and the excess gets put back into the grid, for a small payment per KW to her This runs every electric appliance in her home, lights, freezer, washer, and all plugs. hot water is from the fire with a wet back.

  3. 30 hours? That's a whole years worth of rain for us!

  4. The art show looks very cool. That rain...we had something like that occur in 2007 and it was pretty bad around here, lots of flash flooding.
    Hopefully you stay safe.

  5. We've been having light rain on and off but hear we are in for monsoon season this weekend. Can't wait.
    I'm sure the show will be a huge success! Love the idea of the solar boat. It's the way to go for the future.

  6. We have installed some solar power here at our farm. Really for outbuildings. A lot of panels are required for the energy.


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