Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm Stayin' In...

Bing Bang Boom.
 After chores I took a quick shower and went down to Jenny's as she and Gary were going to help me with a lit drop for our campaign.
Before we got started, these two fawns were in the next yard over dining on the gardens.
They seemed very tame.

 It's a good thing we started by 10:15, as it was getting very hot....again.  That mugginess really gets to me.
Next on the agenda, my running mates and I met at the Welcome to the Town of Sweden sign for a few photos.
It's time for our campaign to start ramping up.

 We don't have air conditioning.  Open the windows at night, close them in the morning and put on a couple of fans.  If I cook, the kitchen heats up by 5 degrees or more....yuck.  Therefore, I spent some time reading and napping.

The morning glories have now formed a thick wall that gives the side porch a lot more shade.
 I've added a couple more strings and within a few days, they have started to grow across two new areas.  Will have to show you that tomorrow.
 Because I like to suffer, I made some sweet and sour German cabbage for dinner and put up with the extra heat.  Never knew those burners were so powerful.

 Served it with mashed potatoes, knockwurst and pumpernickel bread topped with raspberry preserves....and German mustard.  Delish.
 Finished tucking the girls in at 8.  Still not cool enough for me.  Right now it's about 9pm and the temperature is 76 degrees.  Opened the windows back up.
Night all.

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  1. No major LABOR today. Triple H's hazy, hot and humid for the next few days. Painting will have to wait. No AC here either, unless you count nature's ac... open windows.


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