Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mowing, Dragging, Bridge and Biking

The weather was much improved today.  Cool this morning and warmed up quickly.
 Seymour hiding in the hay.

 After chores, the horses kept an eye on me while I mowed

 and mowed...down the lane and around the pastures.

 Even dragged the indoor.  Cool, sunny weather inspires me.

 Then I mowed the rest of the yard.  Might as well be mowing a park.

The dogs napped
 while I went to Brockport to play duplicate bridge.
I love this watercolor that Ann had hanging in her kitchen.  It is by Dianne Hickerson.
(Sorry about the reflections in the glass...I could not resist).
 How's that for a trifle?

 My partner and I tied for first place.  Who would have thought?

Stopped at Weggies on the way home to pick up some sesame chicken and made some lomain.
It hit the spot.
 Bobbie (from Java Junction) stopped over at 6:30 to pick up a few bales of hay for her pony.

 While she was here I tucked in the girls.

 After they left I decided to go for a short bike ride as it was getting late.

 I think everyone on the road also mowed their lawns.  All were beautiful.

A busy, but very nice day.
Night all.


  1. It is indeed a park, and looking fit for royalty. Nevertheless, Prince Harry, while on his visit here to NZ, has so enjoyed the relative freedom of normal day to day stuff, meeting primary school pupils, taking part in a pub quiz night, and I am sure, although all public gardens and lawns would have been manicured to excellence, not one weed or dandelion would have mattered to him at all. You have some beautiful old trees.

  2. You have such a beautiful farm. Sounds like a lot of work but worth it. I wish I had half your energy!


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