Sunday, May 3, 2015

Moon, Sun, Sunset, Moon

I woke up at 5:30.  When I saw the moon....had to go outside and grab a shot.
 To the west it looked like this....
 to the east, the sun was rising.
 Sensational weather.

 At 4:30 we headed down to the college for a Sankofa celebration.  Our friend Clyde is retiring and was recognized along with Khalid, who I drum with. Put on my new dashiki and brought along my sangba and sticks, as using my hands on the djembe would dislodge my stitches. 

Stan, who is one of our drummers, also takes outstanding photographs and presented portraits to these two well loved men.

 There were current and past Sankofa Dancers and Drummers in attendance, along with people from the college and community.
 I always look forward to seeing Clyde (with Pamela) and Djuna when they come here from New York City to watch their father perform.  I've know them since they were kids and had them in class.  I did not get a picture of their brother Lee, who also drove up from New York.  You met him awhile ago when he did a photoshoot in the barn (he's a professional photographer and brought up a model from the city).
 After the Dean recognized Clyde,
 We had a great dinner.
 Then Zak presented Khalid with a gift from Umoja (our drumming group).
 There was a slide show
 and both were given new djembe drums signed by dozens of the people whose lives they have touched.

 Around 7 the drumming and dancing got started.  All spontaneous.  I left while they were still playing...my arm was just not that comfortable.

 Blank books were given to all with a cover designed by Clyde.  He autographed many.

A very nice evening, full of energy...especially when the drumming and dancing started.
 Home by 8 and the sun was starting to set.  Almost identical to last night.

 Now, the moon is back.

 Time to rest.
Night all.


  1. All of your shots of the moon are stunning!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! Looks like a good time was had by all!

  3. A few things:
    A might fine banner image.
    Love the moon and limbs shot.
    Ck out my Mr. Ed for you today... hehehehe
    Your entire 'drumming history' is so interesting to me.

  4. What a cool picture of the moon
    Lily & Edward


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