Thursday, May 21, 2015


For the past few weeks I have been talking to Karen about getting some footing for the run-in area near the stalls.  It has been difficult to find what I need as well as getting someone to truck it.  I guess no one needs the bucks.  Anyway, today I made the decision to just invest in a lot of shavings and build it up that way...it would save me a fortune.  No sooner did I have the words out of my mouth when (at 8:15) Karen asked if I was expecting someone...there was a big truck in the driveway.  That's the ironic part.  The people who cut down our pine tree stopped in to see if I wanted a load of chips!  Perfect.  He drove through the gate into the paddock and dumped a huge pile next to the shed roof.  Karen had to go to work and I spent the next two hours getting it into the barn.
(This was a little more than half of it)
 Started in the back and worked my way forward.

 By 10:30 the pile was gone....
 and the run-in looked gorgeous.
 I only had three bags of shavings on hand, and will put in a lot more tomorrow.
Feels like a feather bed.
The girls were enjoying the coolness.

 In the meantime, I got a delivery.  Have you ever heard of "Blue Apron?"  Two of my blogging friends have been subscribing to it and as a promotion (through them) I was able to get 3 free meals to try it out.  I was able to pick the day to receive them and they come in an incredibly well packed box, with ice, insulation and a protective bag.  AMAZING!
 I had a big smile on my face as I was unwrapping everything so I could put some of the items in the refrigerator.
You get the recipes to go along with the ingredients and excellent directions on the back.
(As you know, I am not a recipe person).
Tonight we had Flat Iron Steaks with ramps, fingerling potatoes and shaved asparagus salad.
Last night Annette, from Oak Creek Ranch, had the same meal and we are going to compare notes.
 Before starting to cook I got the ingredients organized.

 It was out of this world delicious.
 At 1:30 a free lance writer stopped in to interview me for a magazine article.  It caters to people 55 and over who are active.  We had a great time and afterward, went out to the garden to pull a big batch of rhubarb for her to take home.
Of course, then I had to make a pie.

 We let it cool, Karen was kind enough to do evening chores and we went down to the High School for Cooper's 4th grade Band/Chorus Concert.
 None of these kids had played an instrument until last October, and I think Mr. Stoker has done a great job with them.  Coop plays the trumpet.

Can you imagine having the composure to do this after only playing for 7 months!

The chorus also gave an excellent performance.  We are very fortunate to still have music and art in our schools.  This was my favorite song.  So impressed that they memorize everything and were able to harmonize at age 9!

I think the kids and their families were very happy with the end result.

When we were leaving, the sunset was quite spectacular.

Today I went shopping for a new washing machine and have to wait until next Thursday to have it delivered.  We will never make it that long without going to Jenny's (to use hers).
I am happy to report that both toilets and the kitchen sink are in working order and we have a filter system for part of our house.

Hopefully a nice quiet weekend is in our future.
Night all.


  1. We loved the steak too! And the turkey thing-a-ma-jigs tonight were very tasty as well. I'm glad you liked it. I love unpacking the box -- its like getting a gift in the mail. Brett thinks I'm nuts, but it makes me happy.

  2. That was a very impressive musical performance, Lori. Especially by nine year olds!

  3. How you cope with all that manual labor, is beyond me, Lori. To cart that huge pile wood shavings and chips into the barn, just makes me tired reading about it! Congratulations on your interview with the magazine journo. Your rhubarb pie looks yummy. Hope your weekend is great. Jo

  4. 9 years and performing, so good, There is nothing like the "grandparenthood" achievement, maybe the best graduation of all times, Super shavings, a bonus in anyone's eyes. Our rhubarb is being shifted today, one extra pair of younger hands full time has made a huge difference to outside jobs the last 2 days .And last night to have the evening meal all done for me, a treat beyond a dream come true!!!

  5. Never heard of Blue Apron but will check into it. Looks good.
    Love how the chips appeared just when you needed them.
    The concert was amazing. A huge accomplishment for 4th graders. I've been to a few of these too. Love watching and hearing them play.


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