Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I Did It Again....

Woke up at 5:30.

 85 and muggy today.
Maggie is no dummy....she ate in the run-in so the fan would hit her beautiful body.

 After chores I took a quick shower, went to the Town Hall to pick up some papers and dropped off a bag of rhubarb at the Red Bird (they were making pies).
 The Canal was quiet.
 Not too many boats yet.
 Home in time for my 10:30 class.
Tina made a print of her drawing and turned it into a card.

 Everytime Sandy gets off her chair, Gucci gets on it.  She does not do this with anyone else.
 I spent the afternoon doing research and writing...happy to be out of the heat.

Simple dinner.  Thawed out a leftover cauliflower casserole, made a salad and added a bagel.
 Had to do chores early as I had to attend a hearing at the Town Hall.
Just when I finished up, Karen came in with three bags of grain.
 Hope the barn cools down.

 At least it was very peaceful and bugless when the girls were tucked in.
 The meeting only last for 40 minutes.
 On my way back to the farm, the sunset was yellow green.

 To the east, it was a different story.

 Seymour was waiting for me when I pulled in the driveway.
 Almost 9pm and it's still 80 degrees.
Night all.


  1. Love the greeny-hued skies. And that Seymour greets you at the gate.

  2. I prefer to get things done early before the heat hits too. Our guys have been hanging in the sheds under their fans. Love your students pictures. Very talented group.

  3. We had a cat named Seymour when I was growing up...same color!

  4. Your climate is much warmer than ours at the moment - it's been just over 60 most of today - ideal!


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