Friday, May 1, 2015

Angel...the Queen Of Piggyness...

 When good weather is on a roll, I love the morning shadows caused by the bright sunlight.

 The girls have lost interest in hay and head straight out to the pastures, even tho the grass is just starting to really grow.

 While I was in the yard, Berlin kept watching me.

 The real spring has arrived and Gary is starting to get the flower gardens together.  That will take many hours as we have too many.
 I spent the afternoon with a local photographer and a couple of friends.  What I would give to have a spectacular camera.

 Started on dinner and really wanted to take a nap.  Instead, it was chore time.
 Berlin was the only clean horse.
 Abbe had dried mud up to her belly....
 Maggie must have done her thing too.

 But HERE is the real winner of the mud wrestling that must have gone on in the ditch today.
 Can you beat that??????

 Sloppy Joes and a wild mac salad for dinner.
Time out!
I need some rest.
Night all.

My arm is improving...still a little swollen....and have to take the edge off with Tylenol a couple times a day (while my arm is on 3 pillows and an ice pack).  Fortunately Gary and Karen help me a lot when I'm in the barn.

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  1. What a piggy is right! I like the design on her though, she almost looks marbelized like a chunk of granite.
    About that camera .... Mother's Day is coming up. Drop some hints. ;)


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