Friday, May 22, 2015

A Lot Going On...

As I am writing this, we have a fire going in the kitchen to take the chill off.  The temperature is 46 and plunging.
The barn looked great this morning, and the rest of the shavings were not even in there.

 Phoebe and Gucci had a 10am grooming appointment, so I picked some rhubarb
 and dropped it off at Glen Darach Farm since it was nearby.
Diesel came to greet me when I got out of my car.
 Look at those amber eyes.
 Andrea is very interested in gardening and I could not resist taking pictures of her tree peonies.

 All the horses were busy eating grass.
 When I got back to the farm, things got busy.
Bobbie (from Java Junction) stopped in for more hay for her pony.  We are bartering.  Three bales of hay for a Greek panini lunch.
At the same time, one of our chorus members stopped up for some rhubarb...it's catching on.
 Picked up the pups at 2pm.  I bet they were cold after losing their jackets.

 Can't beat country roads.
 Picked up 10 bales of shavings at Tractor Supply and put 6 of them in the run-in.  For 54 bucks I have some excellent footing.
 Late afternoon I started on our 2nd Blue Apron dinner.

 Before I finished putting everything together, Carol and Ted stopped by for....
 They are back in the area for several months and we hope to have dinner together soon.

Got the turkey kibbeh made into little "burger" looking balls and prepared them according to directions.  What a great combo.  Ground turkey, sauteed onions, parsley, pine nuts, dried apricots and spices.  Fried them in a little olive oil.
 Absolutely fantastic!
This company is creative and sends outstanding recipes and high quality "groceries."  Generally, people get 3 meals (for 2) per week for a little under $60.  If money was no object, I would keep doing this as it has added great variety to the same old same old.  You can skip weeks if you want to (if you are going on vacation or are not available) and must give 7 days notice.  The side for this was sliced English cucumber with a plain Greek yogurt/lemon juice/mint sauce, leaving the extra for dipping.
 Even tho the afternoon sun was very bright, it was windy and chilly.
 Did chores a little after dinner.
The girls were ready to chow.

Finished watching Season 3 of Longmire.  Yikes, how will I ever wait for the next season???
Night all.

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  1. Your rhubarb sounds like a big hit. Looks like an interesting meal. We get tired of the same old stuff too. I'm sure the new footing feels very cushy and it looks nice too. Have a nice weekend.


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