Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Still Waiting For Some Heat

 The usual start to the day.
 Grey the entire time and hanging at 40 degrees.

Made a quick trip to Weggies and ended up buying more than kleenex.  For some reason, a pot roast sounded real good so I picked up an organic one that was on sale.  
Have not made this in 20 years or more.
 Spent much of the day working on my latest project (which I will announce later).
Chores at 6 and it did not look any different than it did this morning.

 The kitchen smelled heavenly and by 6:30 we were eating.

 Just what the doctor ordered.
 I cut back the flowers that have been sitting on our kitchen table for well over a week and will continue to enjoy the next few days with color.

 I'm going to take a nice hot shower, and Sid is going to guard the joint.
Night all.
The weatherman said we may be getting a warm up over the next 7 days
and may even hit 70!
I might faint.


  1. How can you go 20+ years without pot roast?! I make it all the time in the winter I loooove it. We are already warned up here and have been for a few days and it's just heavenly.

  2. I wish I could share some of our nice weather with you since you shared your cold with me (just kidding!). I have had this horrible cold for a few days now and it doesn't want to give up the fight. Yuck.

  3. Well, we have rain forecast for the next 9 days, and maybe more!!! Glad we don't have the girls down here to get in wet grass and maybe some mud.

  4. Your food always looks so good I swear I can smell it! . . . Try not to go into shock with the warm weather spell. xx

  5. Well, I'd faint too if it made it to 70! Raining here.

    The food looks delicious and the flowers are just what you need to feel better.

  6. I agree with Stephen Andrew...how in the world can you go 20 years without pot roast!!?? That's just not right...I just cooked one for Easter and it was delicious. Yours looks mighty good too!! Glad you're feeling better, and glad you're warming up. Yay for Spring!!

  7. Pot Roast...organic...love it! All of our meat is organic and home raised so we enjoy it at any time...beef that is. Eggs come from my neighbors and veggies from the garden. What a great way to live.
    That said I am so happy that you are warming up finally!


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