Sunday, April 19, 2015

Headed For A Dip

In the 40s this morning.

 After we finished cleaning stalls, Karen and I recycled the mulch from the pine tree we had taken down.  Hopefully it will keep the weeds from growing between the fence and indoor.

 I wanted to move the lawn tractor and drag out of the indoor, so I dragged it first...kind of like spring cleaning.

 Karen and a Fred went for a walk down the lane with his two pups.  Both are rescued Australian Cattle dogs and one of them was adopted last week.  They look like twins.

 I spent a very long time totally cleaning our gas grill and started setting up the back porch.
 Now that the septic take is taken care of, the lawn will be seeded in the morning and we can get the rest of the yard together.  Time to repaint the fence too.
 Chores a little early.  Very windy and the temperature was dropping.

 Tucked the girls in while Gary grilled some chicken.
 It's definitely going to take awhile to get all our flower gardens together.
 Today he planted asparagus and 100 more leeks.  Can't wait until the spinach gets going....we are going to need some heat for that.
 Cut up a cantaloupe that was good and ripe and then
 we had dinner.  Grilled organic chicken, organic homefries, and leftover coleslaw.  Tasted great.
Time for a hot shower.
Night all.


  1. Started out cool here but got up to the 60's. I'll take it. Always so much work in the spring planting but it's worth it.

  2. The mulch from your pine tree really dressed up the little alley between the fence and the indoor. Sometimes it is the little things!

  3. Love the way you recycled your pine mulch. We cut down a pine for the porch addition hopefully to be done fairly soon along with new windows, roof, siding...I rolled a 'stump' to a spot that is hard to mow and plan on putting hostas around it along with other shade plants. So much to do! Happy Spring!


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