Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Even Better...

 It was almost 40 degrees this morning.  Berlin was still looking good and it made my day.
Got the stalls cleaned and we were done in no time.

Being a cow barn over 100 years old, our stalls were constructed 32 years ago according to where the supports were located.  At one time, there were 9 stalls....now just 5.  As our horses passed, I knocked down walls and kept enlarging the spaces.  Now they all have suites!

This is Berlin's.

 As you can see, Berlin is looking much better.
 Angel was chilled this morning...she's still a Florida girl.

 Class at 10:30.

 Gucci got up on Sandy's chair waiting for a treat.

 Afterward, Tina a Donna picked some apples.

 It was another beautiful afternoon and at 4 I did the pasture switch.

 Berlin had a good roll in the dirt.

 We only have one English walnut tree left, and I am trying to gather as many nuts as possible to use this winter.  In the past they have been delicious.
 Dinner was yummy.  A grilled boneless pork chop, acorn squash and coleslaw.
 Gary went down to the village for a board meeting and I went out to do chores.

 Tucked the girls in for the night and took a shot in the dark on the way back to the house.
Night all.


  1. So glad Berlin is looking (and likely feeling) so much better!

  2. Now I look at your walnuts and think "I know why there are little traces of black on the shells!"

  3. Wow nice apartments they have :) you are such a wonderful horse owner I love that. Walnuts yummy I have Black Walnuts and judging by the activity behind the house they are "Going like hotcakes" to the chipmunks they are much faster than I:) Sorry about Berlin. Hug B

  4. Those stalls look like something out of the movies. Glad Berlin is better. Dinner looks perfect!

  5. Berlin is looking so much better! Yay for steroids! :)
    Dinner looked delish, as usual...beautiful days too!

  6. Glad you found my blog. My first horse was a leopard appy, so we have that in common, too.


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