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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time For Turtlenecks...

37 degrees this morning...who knows how cold it was last night.
 It's the first day all the girls wore their long johns.

 After chores I got cleaned up and went down to chorus.
 Our regular director had a family emergency and we were led by Jean B., who used to be our accompanist.  She did a spectacular job and we made lots of progress.
 Then, I went over to the Morgan Manning House to do a photo shoot.  By that time it was very grey outside with spitting rain.

 Home by 12:15.  After lunch I decided to make a rustic apple pie.  There has been nothing sweet in our house for days...just had to do it.

 Very weird weather today.  One minute ice pellets were hitting the windows and the next, the sun was brilliant.

 Fall has fell for sure.

 By late afternoon, the skies are almost always the most dramatic.

 Tucked the sweet ponies in (they were bad today...knocked some boards down and messed with a gate) and got back to the house before dark.
 Love it when the clouds are like this.

 A salad with apples and craisins along with leftover stuffed peppers.  More comfort food.

 Now it's time to go sit by the fire.  A hard frost is on the way.
Night all.


  1. Beautiful skies and adorable ladies in their long johns. Just as cold here too, no rain though. Love the look of that rustic apple pie. Yum. Seems like the perfect weather for comfort food!

  2. Dramatic, late afternoon, with the longer shadows. and as ever, great food. I do like the quilted winter covers. Greetings to all, Jean.p.s. are your long johns merino? I make ours, lots cheaper than bought ones, and dare I say, equally as good!!!

  3. How unusual...often it seems your weather is considerably cooler than mine! Gorgeous shots of the sky. I'm sure those Floridian horses are terribly confused by this cold!

  4. Even the horsies have nice sweaters
    Benny & Lily

  5. Last night was a long john night and coveralls.
    Although the cloud cover kept the temps from dropping too drastically!

  6. There's nothing like comfort food on a cold night -- comfort food AND apple pie. Did I see almonds scattered under the steusel topping? My stomach is rumbling now. Beautiful shots of the ponies. Love the light.


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