Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm

Rebel, July 4th, 2019 at Forrestel Farm
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Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Better Day for Berlin...

A rainy morning, but I bet it felt good to the horses....especially Berlin.  

 She is so good about taking her antibiotics.  I don't even need a halter, just put my hand around her face and she lets me put the syringe in her mouth.  As for the other pills, she eats them mixed in with her grain.  I think the beet pulp helps disguise the taste.  As of 8am,  I'd say the hives were down by 60 per cent.

 Eventually I got back to the house and decided to make more bean salad.
 Also started setting the table for tomorrows dinner for 14.

 Around 11:30, Jenny and Karen came up to learn how to make chicken and biscuits (main course tomorrow night).

 We made it in two batches.  I did the first and they figured out the second.
A little wine and sour cream...voila...delish!
Tomorrow I will heat all this up in a couple lasagna pans topped with biscuits.

Grabbed a quick shower and was late getting to drumming.  Khalid was teaching our youngest participant to play the three bass drums.

Back home and put Maggie and Angel in the big pasture.
Berlin's hives were down even more.

I am so grateful that she is starting to look more like herself.  Could not ask for a sweeter horse.
 Tucked the girls in and was off and running.

Tonight we were invited to Carrie and Pete's for her 40th birthday party.  Carrie is a foodie person who really knows how to cook and present food and just got back from New York where she attended a workshop with 2 master chefs (Happy Birthday from Pete).

 A table full of appetizers and sweets....

along with pizza and wings.

We brought her a birthday present from our garden.

She had already received some flowers.

 Of course Gary had to show Scott how to do some yoga moves for his back and provided entertainment for the entire room.  Jenny and I found it hard to stop laughing.
Mark K. was playing his sax and the shy Carrie came out of her shell.
Happy Birthday!  It was a great party.


  1. So glad Berlin is starting to feel better . What a sweet girl she is.

    All that food looks delicious!

  2. Oh wow a great day was had.

    Oh my that food.

    Like your video's.


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