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Sunday, October 6, 2013

14 For Dinner

More rain last night....mucky paddocks.  This morning we had more off and on...sometimes light, sometimes heavy.

 Gary and I did some work around the house, then he had a short duty at the Welcome Center and I did a little reading.

Our company arrived all at once around 4pm.
Dave K. made an excellent appetizer with sausage.  The sauce was off the charts.
 There were 8 adults and 6 kids (2 were of high school age).

 The younger 4 kept busy outside while we put the finishing touches on dinner.

 I made two lasagna pans full of chicken and biscuits.  Thank you Karen and Jenny for all your help.

 We set the plates up in the kitchen as it was just too hard to serve from the table. 

 Geri made a salad with mixed greens, mandarin oranges and nuts.  Perfect with the chicken and biscuits.  Jenny must have made 10 pounds of mashed potatoes...so yummy with the butter and cream cheese.  Also served Karen's homemade applesauce and my pickled beets.
 After dinner we took a time out to feed the horses.  By early afternoon the sun came out and the humidity was off the charts.  The cement floor in the barn was sweating.

 At 6pm the light was beautiful (just too hot).

 Check out Berlin!  Her beautiful coat is back and she is doing very well.  So glad I called the vet and got some help for those hives.

 We had a lot of leftovers from dinner (which we will eat tomorrow).
 About dessert.  Jenny and Karen each made a pie with the apples from our tree.
 Both were as good as they looked.
We were all pooped by 7:30.  So dark it felt like 10.
Really enjoyed the company and the meal...like one BIG family.
I need some rest!
Night all.


  1. The skies look beautiful. So happy for Berlin!

    Looks like great food and company. The leftovers will give you a break from cooking tomorrow too.

  2. Looks like quite the party . . .

    Glad Berlin is looking and feeling better!

  3. Love your header of the leaves!

    You do SO much!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    =^..^= <3

  4. Looks like there are lots of busy full fun days at the farm and lots of food.

  5. what a great day!
    loved the light you captured on your horses (clothing?) gear - beautiful!

  6. gawd....i love to look at the meals you prepare and eat! chicken w/biscuits....can't be beat!!

  7. love the pictures of your fabulous meals! nothing seems better to me right now than CHICKEN & BISCUITS!!

  8. Some really awesome fall shots here!


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