Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Red Sky this Morning, Ugmo this Afternoon....

 At 7am I grabbed my little point and shoot camera as I could not believe my eyes.

 Ran into the library to get my Canon camera and within 60 seconds the sky had changed to this.

By the time I went out to do chores it was grey and raining...pretty hard!
 For once, Gucci and Phoebe were smart enough to stay under the shed roof.
 The girls spent much of the day there too.

A lot of progress was made in class today.  Make sure you check out the post below this one.

 I could not be happier with my students (good friends).

The driveway was a slippery mess this morning, and by afternoon much of the snow was washed away by the rain.  It did not look very pretty out there.

 Not a very productive afternoon....laundry etc.

It was so windy and cold by chore time I put Abbe and Berlin in earlier than usual.

For dinner I made another fruity salad that I know Saint Tim (Punkin's Patch) is just dying to try.
This time it had mango, banana and craisins in it.  Uuuuummmmmmmm.  Can't wait until he and Sara come up for dinner!
 Leftover soup and that was that.
Can't wait for more snow....ha ha.
Night all.


  1. It sure was a change in weather today I was in the bush for a couple of hours and it was lovely then I got to the house and it started snowing heavy. Take care I do like snow better than freezing rain. B

  2. So glad you caught those skies. Absolutely amazing! You have such a fun class and I'm so happy to hear the shoulder is getting better!

  3. collie & kitty is good, as is my favourite flower the iris.

    ALOHA from Honolulu!
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  4. Beautiful morning skies and I love that header shot of Abbe. She is so photogenic!

  5. Those are some beautiful sunrise pictures!

  6. Beautiful sky colours that change so quickly, you were there at the perfect moment. Class!!! Wow, that shading is superb. I am sure all your ladies so enjoy coming, and half the fun will be seeing what each achieves, all deserve huge praise. Greetings from Jean

  7. Liquid Gold!

    and anything you make I think Saint Tim would adore (do they bring maisie with? she'd like that salad too!)

  8. What beautiful vistas! It's amazing how much the skies can change in mere seconds!

  9. This happened to us the other day..then temps dropped and the white fluffy stuff fell and winds whipped into a frenzy.

    Beautiful skies.
    I saw 'sun dogs' last night over the Mississippi River.

  10. Cool what you did with the post photo for your blog header!

    6-10 inches on the way for us :(

  11. Ewww to the rain. Such a cold, sloppy mess. Hope you have some sunshine soon.

  12. Dear Lori, did you create the painting at the top of your blog? The one of Abbe? It reaches across the miles to me. Peace.

  13. Red sky in mornin', sailor take warnin'! Seems it was true. Beautiful colors though...
    Lori, your fruit salad is just beautiful, and looks very tasty! What do you use as a dressing? Or is it just a fruit bowl? In my bountiful basket selection this week, I'm getting several tropical fruits and some real vanilla beans. Looking for some creative and delicious ways to use them up!


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