The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....
The Rebel...


Thursday, July 17, 2008


This was a very busy and sad day for me.  This morning I took Josh (our dog) to the Vet as he has not been eating right, has lost weight and is gimpy.  When I looked in his mouth, the problem was obvious.  In April he had two growths removed and they were appears that they are starting up again.  I just knew the news would not be good....we think it is in other places in his body.  The Vet put him on antibiotics and something to address his a week we should know quite a bit more.  For now, I will keep him as comfortable as possible...tonight he ate his dinner (dry kibble topped with spaghetti).  That was a good sign.  He still goes out with me for chores and as long as there is some quality in his life we will keep going.  I can't see going for the heroics as I think it is too late.
After that I had an appointment for a Physical and found out the results of a bone scan.  It was the first one I have had so I can get a baseline.  Happy to report that all that shoveling and moving wheel barrows for 27 years has paid off.  A+ and no bone loss.  All you women out there....lifting (resistance) is good.
Then, I went to the grocery store and home in time to change my clothes to do evening chores.  Quickly made dinner, and was off to a meeting.  By the time I got home it was dark and Gary was kind enough to take off the horse's masks.  Could I just go in the house?  No,
I had to take more pictures of the night. This must be getting boring.


  1. It is NOT boring. I look forward to your evening photography. I wrote to San, and told her that your blog is like a mini-vacation throughout the day. I am sorry to hear about Josh, and wish him comfort and light. I am happy that you are as strong physically as your are ... mentally? spiritually? life-fully (I can make up words any time I like).

    Be well.

  2. Poor Josh. But at least he has you to care for him.

    I am trying to catch up with your blog. I am impressed by how you manage to get so much done. It's definitely not boring. I love the contrast in the shots taken in the dark.

    We have to try and get out to our farm today, I've got some catching up to do there as well.

  3. What ya talking about girl! It's not getting boring for me ~love your evening pics day on & on ~love them all always ~so peaceful~ please keep taking pics of what ever~ will enjoy them all~

  4. Even at night, your flowers are beautiful. Here, most of them close at night and open with daylight.


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