Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Yesssirrrreeee! A High Of 68!

What a feeling!
At 5:59 it looked like this.

 Before I went out to the barn, the sky exploded with color (around 7:30).

 It was around 40 and quiet when the girls were turned out
and I think they were very happy to be naked.

 First Berlin rolled....
 which inspired Abbe.

 Lovely!  It never fails.

Class at 10:30.
 Almost done...

Later this afternoon a very large piece of equipment was brought to the lane.
A house is being built in the field behind our back pasture, and they are required to
put in a stone driveway.  It has to be nearly a thousand feet and they sure aren't going 
to be happy with the gazillion tons of stone it's going to take.  Not to mention getting 
electricity back there.  I wonder if they understand that when big farm equipment comes 
in, the driveway will be destroyed.  Maybe they are not going to rent out the surrounding
hundred acres.  We shall see.  All I know, is that we are going to have a very tiny amount of grass near our outdoor arena and the back pasture.
 Dinner was easy.
 I had made a big pot of minestrone yesterday so we were all set.
 On the news recently, they spoke about the use of wood pulp in Parmesan cheese.
So, Gary looked at the Pecorino Romano cheese we were using tonight (made by Wegmans) 
and sure enough, one of the ingredients was cellulose. That needs to change!
I may have to buy a block in the future and grate it myself.  Too many things
are loaded with crap of one kind or another.
Read your labels and tell me what you find.
It's Tuesday, so I have a board meeting at 7.
Night all.


  1. Love the temperature too. We got up to 65! Abbe sure knows how to be the dirtiest horse on the block. I wouldn't want to have to brush that out.

    I like to get a block of cheese and grate it. My grandmother (Italian lady) always ground her own. I think it tastes better and it's fresh when you need it. There's so much crap in the stuff nowadays you don't know what to eat.

  2. Oh boy horsie you need a bath
    Lily & Edward

  3. Abbé takes rolling in the mud to a whole new level. Wood pulp in Parmesan cheese -- yech. I usually grate my own but sometimes I'm just too lazy and buy a container of the grated stuff. I'll have to check the ingredients.

  4. I think Abbe wants to be a brown horse!...(why do greys roll and get so mucky, lol)


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