Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I did not spot any sunshine today.
 After the girls were grained, they went out one at a time.  First Abbe, then Berlin (who immediately went into Abbe's stall, Angel (who Berlin was waiting for and wanted to harass) and finally Maggie.

 It spritzed on and off all day, but look what appeared.
 Ahhhhhh, so nice to have the manure pile gone.
 Gary has a head start on the gardens.  Can't believe how ambitious he has been.
 Class at 10:30.
Today Len brought along a model he has been working on.
This is not from a kit....he has cut out every piece!

 I can't imagine having the patience to do this.

After class it was time for lunch and a movie.
Then, I had to get ready to go down to the village for two meetings.
One at 5 and one at 7.
Home at 9:30.
Break time.
Night all.


  1. Same weather here. I can't believe he made that ship himself. I wouldn't have the patience either. It would have been in pieces in the garbage long before it ever got finished. Good for him.

  2. Rain and today heavy winds here. I have been so tempted to start cleaning gardens. And I am looking at a wildflower and native plant catalog to dress up my gardens this year.


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