Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Dreamers Among Us...

Yes!  Sunshine this morning.

 Cold and windy.

 Class at 10:30.  Deborah was on vacation and joined us today.  She has not lost her touch!

 LuAnne is going to be inventing something new.  Fabric (neckties) on canvas.
This is just her sample...can't wait to see a large canvas.
 After lunch I attempted to do some reading and you guessed it.
Turned into a nap.

By late afternoon, the sun was warming the west side of the house.
 I just can't resist taking pictures when it looks like this.

 Very interesting, the way Gucci and Phoebe look for the sun spots.

 Crazy, the way Phoebe sleeps with her legs straight out.
 We went out for a short walk and checked on the girls.
 They were munching and very happy.

 Dinner was simple.
An apple/carrot/craisin/peanut salad...
 and leftover sloppy Joes.
 At 6:30 we went down to the library for a very special program.
"Dreamers Among Us" is a documentary created by a group of high school students
and it is about undocumented immigrants.  One of the girls who worked on this is now a student
at SUNY Brockport working toward a law degree in immigration.
 Here she is in the video.
So bright and articulate.
 It really made us stop and think about what is going on in New York state as well as the nation.
Imagine what it would be like if you were brought here as a child, when you had no choice in the matter, and as you graduated from High School you were shut out of most opportunities because you were not documented.  5 states have passed the Dream Act and there is hope for it passing here.  So much to learn about this situation.

 We left around 8pm at the sky was gorgeous.

Night all.

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  1. Love the pooches in the sun. The Dreamers program looks interesting. There's got to be a good solution to the problem. Unfortunately, I am not feeling optimistic about this years presidential elections to solve it just yet.


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