Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another Scorcher......

 Morning chores were no fun!  So darn hot.
 At 10 o'clock I went down to the Brockport/Clarkson Learning Center as they were studying different cultures this week and wanted to know more about African Drumming.
 The Director is a friend of Jenny's....Gerri F.
 I put on my Nigerian "ensemble" and grabbed my djembe, sangba, Turkish drum, Irish Drum, sticks and more so the kids could all join in.  I planned to start with a great example of African Drumming, but the DVD player did not cooperate and we winged it.  By the time we got to the last rhythm we were in a groove....like riding a camel.

 I picked up Ariana, Finn and Coop on the way home as Ariana was going to go shopping with Judy and her granddaughters and I volunteered to watch the boys.
She watered some of the plants before she left.

Gary got home from painting and it was all we could do to stay cool.  No air, just fans.  And if you were not in front of one, the indoor temperature went up to 84!  Intolerable.

A little after 3 I went out and sponged off the horses.  After they rolled I put them in their stalls and set up my strongest fan.

 Managed to wash off Kris's bike so Gary would return it.  Believe me, this was not an "easy rider."  That tiny front wheel had me goin'.  When I finished, I put the hose on my head to cool off.  With the heat index it was over 101 degrees.  Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!
 No cooking tonight.

 Gary took me down to the Golden Eagle.

 When we got home, I let the girls back out and they all stayed in the run-in.

8:45 and it was still 86 degrees.
Night all.

How are we going to get any sleep tonight????


  1. Beautiful night sky pics, and that Amaryllis, stunning colours. Pity it is so hot!!! Cheers from Jean. p.s. only 12 Celsius, about 55F outside at our place. Sorry we have it so cool!!!

  2. Ugh! We don't usually have many of those days, but we are having one today! It's down to 70 at 9:30 but the humidity is very high. Forget cooking. I don't even want to eat! Stay cool.

  3. Been in the mid eighties here all day, but there's been a North Easterly breeze, which was refreshing.

  4. Never a dull days with the Skoogs! yet another smashing image on the

  5. All of the plant life looks so green and healthy! Amazing how much you do each day despite the temperatures. What fun it must've been to introduce the kids to drumming; wish I was one of them to enjoy it all. Keep cool!


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