Thursday, July 11, 2013

At Last!

 Love that morning sun....especially when there is no humidity.
 Berlin actually left the run-in this morning.

 Remember what happened to the lawn tractor yesterday?  I blew a fuse and got it fixed....
 Today when I was mowing the pasture the front right wheel came off.  Yippeeeeee.  Called Dave again and he was able to pick up a part and fix it.  Like I said Sara, I am tough on man and machine.
A royal pain....old mower.  Anyway, I got it done.

 Evening chores a little after 5.

Ariana, Karen and I went into the village for the first in a series of concerts that will be held on Thursday nights for the rest of the summer.  Jen had a dinner engagement and Finn, Coop, Kevin and Grampa Tom are visiting friends on Fire Island.  I hope they send some pictures.

 There was a sidewalk sale going on.
 We went to Main Street Pizza and ordered some slices of New York Style Pizza (thin crust) to take over to the Welcome Center.  Gary hosts this event and went at 5 to help the band set up.

While it was being prepared, Ariana and I went over to the Liftbridge Book Shop so she could pick up another book.  She's so tall she had no trouble reaching the top shelf!

 Got back just in time to pick up the pizza.

 Karen caught up with us just as we were headed to the concert.

 This little cutie danced to every song.

 A good crowd and great sounds.

 On the way home Ariana and I found the highest spot and took pictures of another great sunset.

Time to watch a movie.
Night all.


  1. so glad to see Berlin made it outside & enjoyed some drier weather! looks like you had a gorgeous day.
    the sun finally came out here later in the day but it's still very humid.

  2. Love the sunset -
    Your pictures just shout, "SUMMER"

  3. Love those sunset shots. Beautiful!

  4. Mom sure misses the East coast.
    Benny & Lily

  5. Great day to be out and about without the humidity. Hope they do send some pics from Fire Island. I spent my childhood summers taking the ferry over there almost every day. A great place to be in the summer!

  6. I love the paint color on the barns with their stone foundations!

  7. Bookshop! Pizza! Your lovely girls outside in the summer sunshine! Breathtaking sunset! What a day. :) Fabulous. Love this post.


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