Monday, July 29, 2013


 Last night I mentioned a book that had a painting included by one of my past students, Brenda Cretney.  Here it is.  Not a great photo, but you can get the idea.  If you have been following my Journal, you may recognize King Mustafa, Masterpiece (PC) and Berlin.

This morning was beautious.

Oh Gary....could you please put that board back up for me????

 Berlin and Abbe vegged....
 during Moon's driving lesson.

When I went to the grooming room to shred some paper, both of my girls  (big dogs) joined me.  I left the door open and they did whatever.

 The sky was off the charts for the entire day.

At 11am Lorrie, Elizabeth and I went to check out a jogging cart for Moon...don't want to bang up the Meadowbrook when going through the woods.

 Brought it to the farm to see if it fit Moon (who must have been thrilled to be harnessed up again).
They'll take it out back for their lesson on Friday and decide if it's going to work.

This afternoon Moon went after Abbe and truly kicked her butt.... there was even a little blood.

 She was placed in solitary for the rest of the afternoon.

 I let her out at feed time.

 Our gardens are still bursting with color....

Took a quick shower and we were off to Batavia for dinner.  That's all we wanted for our anniversary.

 Alex's Place is across from Batavia Downs (harness racing) and it is by far the most successful restaurant I have ever been too.  Packed...packed....packed from lunch to late at night.  Every table.
Their specialty is ribs (and prime rib).  We asked if we could eat at the bar so we didn't have to wait to be seated and met all kinds of interesting people.  Out meals were excellent, but I did not feel comfortable taking pictures with gazillions of people around.

 On the way home the scenery was something.  We took back roads and as the sun started going down there was great drama in the sky.

Home Sweet Home.

But you ask, what is happening in Cape Cod?

One gigunda sand sculpture...
 More ice cream....

(I thinks she likes being on the beach)

 A ride on a banana boat....
and brothers being nice to each other.

Night all.


  1. Congratulations! 46 years is quite an accomplishment!

  2. 46 Years!!! Hearty Felicitations, as my dear friend Walter would have said. lovely sky, those cloud colours with such contrast are great. Greetings from Jean

  3. Congratulations :-D.

    Hey, my two cents - much safer to use the Meadowbrook on rough terrain - anything other than a groomed arena. Those pneumatic tires on the jog bike are dangerous as they'll bounce if you hit a root or rock and bounce higher and higher as the speed increases, should something untowards happens. That Meadowbrook is a tough vehicle and been used for cross country driving for generations. Anything you *might* do to it can always be fixed.

  4. 46 years ~~ that is so exciting CONGRATULATIONS!! SO that means 1967!!! That was a good year for me I graduated from High School, it was Canada's 100 anniversary and I went to Expo 67 in Montreal.

    The pictures of the horses in the book are quite lovely. You have had a great group of artists over the years Lori, you must feel very proud.

    Your skies are spectacular as they are here too. Love this time of year and YAY ~~ fall is coming ~~ we love Autumn....

  5. Happy Anniversary!! Beautiful photos as always!! Poor Abbe! I hope that things settle with Moon. All of your driving photos make me really want to get back at it with May, my mini donkey.


    We would call your jogging cart an exercise vehicle here, but how do you get in it? Do you have to climb over the side bars to the seat, or do they lift off?

    Love your photos of those skies.

  7. Congratulations on your Anniversary!

    The skies look absolutely amazing.

    Everyone looks like they're having fun in Cape Cod. I love it there too!


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