Thursday, July 25, 2013

And the Band Played On....

After I wrote my post last night I grabbed these two shots of the moon.

Another cool morning.  Lorrie and I both went out to the barn earlier than usual.

 Chores were finished before 8 and Moon got a workout.

 I had many errands I wanted to run and started by driving over to Northampton Park to see what's been going on.  They are moving the county fair there and it has caused some serious concerns for the neighbors and people who use the park year round.  In a matter of days it's supposed to take place, and they just started seriously working on the grounds.  So far, many acres of trees have been leveled and they have constructed a riding arena and parking area.  It's going to happen no matter what.
 From there I did a short photo shoot for a friend.

 Then to Wegmans.  The sky was brilliant!!!!

When I got home it was time to do something with the peaches I got at the Market last Sunday.  Not enough for a big pie, so I did this.
 Boy did it turn out and taste great.

Gary spent some time out in the pasture replacing a post and talking on the phone.  High tech.

 This afternoon I dropped Ariana off at Tina and Roger's for a swim with their niece and friend.
DJ was his usual handsome self....
 and Dream looked spectacular, now that she has been body clipped.  Elizabeth did a fabulous job and I'm quite positive this old girls is very happy.

 Picked Gary up at Jen's, where he was watching the boys and went back to the farm.  Managed to read a few pages before chores.

If it's Thursday, it's Summer Serenade Night down at the Welcome Center.
 Tonight it was the Blue Notes Jazz Ensemble.  It's made up of quite a variety of people.  There were two kids who are going to be in the 7th grade, a mother/daughter duo, a father/son duo, former members of the Blue Notes when they were in high school, a music teacher, a retired science teacher and more that I can't remember.  After just three rehearsals they sounded so good.
 The Harvey boys were there with friend Joe.

 Dan was on duty at the Welcome Center....

Jenny was there for awhile....

 I saw Louise and some cutie I don't know....

A good crowd and great sounds.

 Roger and Tina took Ariana, Courtney and her friend to Grampa Sam's for dinner.  Ariana loved it and wants to go back.  Thank you for doing this R and T.

Got home and let out the girls.

 Maybe I can stay awake for a movie.
Night all.


  1. At least three moons in this shining post!


  2. Very sad about leveling those trees in the park. And your peach rustic tart looks amazing. One of our new neighbors left us a bag of peaches from her tree in the mailbox. Oh man, were they good!

  3. The sky shot with the star burst over the sun is BRILLIANT, Lori! I love visiting your farm... Jo

  4. Sounds like a lovely summer Lori. There's a lot to be said for village/small town life.

  5. P.s. Your peach pastry/peach pudding looks absolutely delicious!

  6. Mom wants the recipe for that thing
    Benny & Lily

  7. Lori, Yet another marvelous new Header. You should using these to make a calendar [to sell]. Looks like you had a fine and wholesome day!

  8. Oh, Saad About Leveling Trees.. For The Fair.
    Great Day.
    I Also Would Love The Simple Recipe For The Peach Tart!


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