Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 We just about hit 40 today.  Not bad compared to 1 in Colorado, 20 in Minnesota, 28 in California, 39 in Arizona and 18 inches of snow at Dream Valley Ranch!
It rained a lot last night and the pastures are getting so muddy....standing water here and there.  Once again I let Romeo have breakfast with the girls.  They all went out to the back pasture for a little while too.  However, when I went back to the house he was back in his run-in and today he had 3 pastures.  Pretty soon he will be totally worked into the "herd."
I love to listen to music when I'm out in the barn.  Do you?
  Today it was classical...maybe jazz for tomorrow.
 Class today...just Judy and Tina.

 Is this lion getting more and more beautiful or what?

Here it is the first week in December, and Gary was able to pick some leeks from the garden.
I wanted to make soup today.

 I'll be glad when the days start getting was so dreary when I went out to do evening chores.
 Had those babies tucked in around 5 and it was pitch dark.

 It's a good thing I had my guard critters with me.
 Ate dinner and Gary was off to a meeting.
 Leek and potato soup with a pear salad on the side.
The fire is going, I'm going to take a very hot shower and head for the couch!'s not even 7 o'clock.  This is record breaking (guess I didn't take very many pictures today).
Night all.


Michelle said...

It is just past 7 here and I am on the couch for sure! I like the early evenings, but only for a short time. And then I long for those late summer nights.

Anonymous said...

Lori----I took my college sorority sisters to Stephen's for lunch after the Candlelight Christmas sale and it was delicious----We all had the caesar salad with a crab cake on top---best crab cakes ever----My sisters were impressed.Sara

Jill said...

Your soup looks fantastic. It has been warm and rainy here too...40s anyway. Getting ready for a few inches of snow tomorrow night.

Sharon Creech said...

Classical music in the barn - well, I wouldn't have guessed that but I think it's brilliant and I bet the horses love it .
Today I made homemade cranberry-applesauce, spurred on by a photo you recently posted of making something similar . . . It was delish.

Terry said...

It's 8pm and I'm in bed. It was -6 here last night.

Your dinner looks perfect.

Sharon Creech said...

p. s. Just checked and see that I was confused about what you made -- it was applesauce and (separately) cranberry orange relish. Mmm. May have to try those, too.

Oak Creek Ranch said...

I'm glad Romeo is settling in. Those leeks look perfect! Left over chili for dinner here. ...a really hard day at work. Left in the dark, got home in the dark. Yech.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Dinner last night for us was thanks to Wegmans! :-)

It's almost 60 here this morning--But that's going to change for us as we're also supposed to get another soaking rain, up to 2 inches. The ground can't hold any more, but I try not to complain remembering that it's good for our well!! Enjoy your day!!

Dreaming said...

Funny, but I was also thinking about my delight in having days get longer. It won't be long... will it?!

Your barn looks spotless! Nice job!