Thursday, December 29, 2011


 Gary went down to Java early, and came back to help me with chores.
 It was VERY cold this morning....
 Jodi stopped over.  Romeo will be leaving on Sunday, headed for another facility around the corner.  I think he is going to miss getting spoiled, but will have 120 acres of trails and lots of other geldings to hang out with.  He's a sweet boy and I hope all goes well.

 I let Phoebe and Gucci out when I finished cleaning the stalls.
 Around 2 I went out and picked the paddock, took a name plate off a saddle (Jodi bought my Stueben Sigfried for Romeo), and dug out some pony blankets for my friend Jan. 
 Still grey, but a little milder.
 While I was on the phone with Sally this morning....
 Lily provided us with entertainment.

 Such talent for a cat....

Did not accomplish too much this afternoon.  Out to do evening chores and turned the pony blankets over to Jan.
 Got cleaned up and left for Brockport with Gary.  Dinner at Judy's tonight...picking up Sally on the way.
 Judy was all ready for us...her place was warm and welcoming.
 Next Christmas I need to remember to do this....hang some ornaments on a spring rod.

 Gary and Sally were getting a good laugh for some reason...I can't remember what we were discussing at that point.
 Miss Efficient was back there getting us ice water to go with the delicious dinner she prepared.
 Beef Burgandy on rice with mixed veggies, rolls and a superb salad...
 mixed greens, pecans and cranberries.  So delish!
 And what a clever dessert....Make your own cheese cakes!  Never heard of such a thing.
You spread cream cheese on an English cookie (Digestible) and top with lemon curd or blackberries.
Trust tasted just like cheesecake.  Perfect when you are having a "tea party."
Home a little after 9 and headed for the couch.
Night all.


Oak Creek Ranch said...

Will you look for another horse to board when Romeo leaves? That cheesecake dessert is a new one on me.

diane b said...

I'm always hungry after reading your blog.

Sharon Creech said...

Oh, Romeo, we'll miss you, Romeo. Loved Lily's 'song.' And enjoyed going out to dinner w/you and Gary over at Judy's. What good friends you have. I wish you lived about 4 hours closer!

Val Ewing said...

Looks like you are having a busy time of it!

I hope all works out well for Romeo!

Jill said...

I had a my fingers crossed for Romeo, but I am sure he will be happier with more boys. The cheesecake dessert sounds great!

Two French Bulldogs said...

guys you better have a talk with mom and put your paw down once and for all. The horsies have coats but not you
Benny & Lily

Dreaming said...

Lily made me giggle - how cute!
I love the dessert idea - how wonderfully easy and 'customizable'!

Birdman said...

The cat entertaining by 'tickling the ivories' ... amazing!

Gayle said...

The English cookie looked so good!! I want to make some.

Sorry to hear Romeo didn't work out. I thought you had another long-term boarder. Maybe someone else will come along.