Monday, December 5, 2011


 Raining....sheets on.
 Hay under the shed roof....

 It worked for awhile with all four horses...
 Then, Romeo started pushing (kicking at) the girls.  That was that.
 Back to his own pasture and run-in.

After chores I picked up some lights and got some vines from the yard so I could make an arch over the stairway leading to the kitchen.  If I have the energy, will do the other two sides tomorrow.
  The afternoon slipped by...Jill had chore duty.
 At 7pm we met the Food and Culture class at Steven's Loft.  As I was walking up the stairs, heard laughter and just knew that it was Tina.  Sure enough, she, Roger and two of their friends were sitting at what is going to become their table.  Next to them were four others that we knew.  A good sign.
 The place looked great!
 Of course I had to check in with Steve....After two weeks, he is pretty pooped.  Trying to cover lunch, baking, prep and dinners.  Hopefully he will get the right help very soon so he can have two minutes to recover.  This past weekend, the Loft was jammed!

 Sandy and Linda have done one heck of a job creating a very inviting atmosphere.
 About this dinner....During the past year, Christine Z. (from SUNY Brockport) brought her Food and Culture classes up to the farm so Gary could speak to them about growing garlic and other organic vegetables.  Tonight we were their guests.
 There were 30 of us.
 The food was outstanding!
 Started with a salad (some of the best Italian dressing ever).
 Most of us had chicken parm.  He also made vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals for those who required them.
 Meet Michael Warren host, into horticulture, food, the Finger Lakes, and anything local.  He spoke to us about the sloe food movement and the importance of supporting area farmers and business people.
 As he finished speaking, we were served dessert....bread pudding.
 Another guest, Joe, represented the Lift Bridge Book Shop.  An event was held there featuring a very prominent gardener/author and this class was present for that event.
 Gary said a few words and Steve was brought out from the kitchen.
 He took a few minutes to talk to the group and was very interested in the young lady in the photo above (leaving for Australia...her home, on Monday...via South America and Africa).  Before attending SUNY Brockport last semester, she was a Junior Chef.
Above left, is Alex. He is from Italy (an artist) and spoke to the class about slow food (started in Italy)
before they came to the restaurant for dinner.  Next to him is Christine, who taught the class.  The students had an opportunity to make comments.  One said it was the best class she has ever taken.  I am convinced that they all understand what this whole evening was about.  Hopefully they will figure out how to get an organic garden going on campus.  In 2012 we hope to have them all come to the farm to create a meal from food they (or we) have grown as well as products from local farms.  They want to sit at one longgggggg table under the trees.  What an outstanding evening.

Home by 9.  Sophie, Lily and Seymour came in the house.  Where is that Sidney?

Night all.


Sally said...

What a lovely evening, interesting people, and good food. We are so lucky to have Steven's Loft in town!

Oak Creek Ranch said...

Farm dinners are very popular in Northern California -- like you described, you sit at a loooong table in an orchard or vineyard and eat local sourced food. We haven't done that... yet.
Thanks for your kind words on my blog. All the comments really helped me not feel so alone in this.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

What an enjoyable day and evening! And what a great goal of an organic garden that I hope will become a reality! We have a restaurant here that is 'farm to table' and the food is amazing with its flavors--I wish there were more of them!

Jill said...

I think that I am in love with Romeo. He is so cute!

sandy said...

Beautiful photos in this post. I made it through three pages on the blog, so I could begin to catch up.

Your life is so filled with activity and I love reading about it. Love the new horse and I always like it when you show your art group and their work.

Have a great Christmas, in case I don't get back here before then.

Gayle said...

I am in love with this restaurant. I once managed a fine dining restaurant although not quite this caliber. I would love to work there!

What does it mean that he is kicking at them? With his back feet? Not all of your readers know horses! I hope he settles in soon.