Monday, February 25, 2008

HeartWork - Creating a Sculpture

Tonight we are going to attend the premier of the documentary, HEART WORK.  It was created by Virginia Bacheler, who is an Associate Dean at SUNY Brockport. There is a long story behind this project.

I am currently the chairman of the Art & Aesthetics Committee of the Walk! Bike! Brockport Action Group (established to encourage health and fitness in our community).  The purpose of the A & A segment, is it to create destinations for walkers and bikers through the installation of public art.  We have been doing so for over three years with great success and  I will post photos of our accomplishments at another time.  At any rate, the sculpture shown on this post card is entitled "Les Racines et les Raisons" and was produced by SUNY Brockport Art Professor, Jennifer Hecker.  It resides in Remembrance Park in our village, and has brought much pleasure to the neighborhood and visitors.  Ms. Bacheler, who produced a documentary about the Rochester Public Market several years ago,  followed the development of this sculpture and is now ready to present it.
Our committee raised all the funds for the Hecker piece through an auction consisting of art etc. donated by other area artists.

My background is the reason I am so interested in this and many other projects.  Starting in 1966, I taught art at all levels, from pre school and k-12 to the college and here at the farm.  I retired over 7 years ago and am currently having the best experience of my career with the students I am now working with.  Most of them are also retired, and we have been meeting once a week for 6 years.  Many of them came thinking they could not do anything, and as you will see, they have made great progress.  You can view their work by clicking on the link PICASA WEB ALBUMS and going to the Skoog Farm Workshop.  I will return to this topic at another time.

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