Sunday, February 24, 2008

A beautiful morning

Bright sunshine, but very crisp this morning. After chores, Gary went down to the village for coffee (which he does everyday) to enjoy some time with the regulars.  I chose to stay home to watch the Sunday Morning political shows, only to be shocked to see Ralph Nader on Meet the Press, announcing his run for president.  This has been the most exciting election I can remember.  What is going to happen?

Last  night we looked through a bulb catalog, getting an order ready for a few hundred glads. We used to sell them and have decided to give it another try.  In October, Gary planted about 2,500 garlic cloves, down from over 18,000 last season.  With March only a few days away it is not hard to think about what we would like to grow this year.  Last summer we had the best vegetables ever, but there was not enough rain to give us the prime garlic we are used to (that is why he has decided to not worry about selling it, and is growing less for us). Everything we grow is organic, and frequently we share it with friends and family.

Just got a call from our youngest daughter, who is stopping by to pick up a couple of sleds.
She has two boys (4 and 2) and they are going to do some sledding this afternoon.  It is so nice having some family nearby.  Lori

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