Friday, February 1, 2019

Whan An Upper!!!!

Beautiful sunshine all day long.
The horses were loving it and stayed out until evening chores, soaking up the rays.
A very nice break for me.

 Phoebe stayed in the house and Little Wonder went out to the barn with me.

 It was 1 degree and -14 with the wind chill.
Fortunately he is able to hunker down in deep shavings while I am in the barn.
When we were finished, both dogs were ready to have a stretch.
 At 11:30 we drove out to Hamlin to meet our friends Lora and Jeff for lunch.
This is their restaurant.
 Our meals were outstanding and I FORGOT to take photos.
 We did bring home a couple of cranberry orange scones.
Look at that!  The roads were bare....quite a change.
 Back home around 3.  What a difference the sunshine made.

 Gary built a fire and I think I fell asleep when he left to go watch 
Coop's basketball game.

 At 5:30 I rallied enough to make us a nice dinner.
Looking forward to even warmer temperatures tomorrow.
Today's high was around 16.
Night all.

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  1. Even when it's so cold the sunshine will make you feel better. The lunch does sound good and that scone looks yummy. I'd have fallen asleep by the fire too!


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