The Rebel is back....

The Rebel is back....


Monday, February 4, 2019

A Record Breaker...

Rebel and the girls were turned out with no sheets this morning!
A very nice break for them...and me...and the dogs.

 By 9am a lot of melting had taken place.

 At 11:15 I drove down to the Village to pay taxes and met my friend Judy 
over at Grind's for lunch.  They sure do a nice job with their baked goods.
(We did not indulge).
 I had a Cubano
 and Judy ordered a beef/onion/melted cheese sandwich.
 We took our time and really enjoyed the sun shining through the windows.

From there I took a little cruise around the area before going home.
Drove through a new development that is being built in our Town as 
they are coming to our Board meeting tomorrow night with additional plans.
 I took the pups out more than usual so they could enjoy the "heat."
My car said it was 63 degrees.
 Obviously Maggie must have been pawing in the ditch and then rolled in it.

 There won't be enough time for this water to be absorbed before it rains
 and freezes.  We shall see.

 The sun appeared very late in the day.

 I fed Little Wonder and Phoebe,
 then we had an instant replay of last nights dinner.
Night all.

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  1. We almost hit 60 too! Yeah! No blankets here either. Maggie looks like she had a great time rolling and getting rid of her itches. What a mess.


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