Sunday, September 10, 2017

Not So Mellow Yellow

After chores I made French toast for breakfast.  So good.  Gary even had some.
By 10:30 I was down at the Farm Market to take some photos of Susan
and the team from Clarkson....all running for office in November.
 Based on my experience, getting someone to run for office is not easy.
So nice to see that people from these two Towns are interested in community service.

Of course I had to take a couple videos of my music buddies.
Here, Woody has encouraged one of his pals to participate.

 What a great surprise!  Herb Fink wore his Smith/Borowiec t-shirt to the market.

 I was on a mission for plum tomatoes and found some today at McCracken's.  They were also selling the biggest peppers I've ever seen, but we have plenty in our garden.
 It's always fun to run into people you know.
 When I got back to the farm....

 it was time to start making our first batch of sauce.

 Garlic, onions, green and red peppers, carrots

 and lots of tomatoes.
(Basil, salt and pepper)
 While I did that, Gary continued to scrape and prime the indoor.  It needs a lot of help, but I don't happen to have a gazillion $$$$$ to have it sided or painted by someone else. 
Why did I ever put T 111 on it.  So stupid!  It looked great when it was new.

The corn next to us is 9 feet tall!!!!!!

 We went down to Jenny's for an early dinner and Coop's 12th birthday.
This was his third day of celebrating!

 Such a cutie!
We enjoyed some of his favorites for dinner.
Sweet and sour meatballs, wings, pizza and the other stuff....like salad and corn.
All this while watching afternoon football.
 The Rose o Sharon blossoms near the deck were gorgeous.

 These two were happy when we got home.
Night all.
My friend Sally moved to St. Petes, Florida many months ago.
She sent this photo earlier today.
I wonder when the water is going to return....

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  1. Happy Birthday Coop! Hurricane Irma was devastating to Florida, hope everything will be back to normal there soon.


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