Thursday, September 28, 2017

Gary's Birthday Lunch at P.F. Chang's

 Whoo hoooooo!  It was cool this morning.

We did not have much time to be productive around the farm as we were meeting
Jenny at P.F. Chang's (Eastview Mall which is on the other side of Rochester) at noon to celebrate Gary's birthday.

Seeing that is it was 25 degrees cooler than yesterday and we felt chilly...
a pot of green tea was ordered.

Then we shared lettuce wraps.
 I ordered Sesame Chicken
 Gary ordered Crispy Honey Chicken

 and Jenny order Kung Pao Chicken.

 We were all very satisfied and had plenty to take home.
The three of us really enjoy dining out in the middle of the day.
When we left the restaurant, it was 73 degrees, and the sun was out.

 By the time we got back to the farm it was 63 degrees!
I must say that we are enjoying it.

 For dinner I made a little veggie salad
 and we finished our leftovers from lunch.  Tasted just as good the second time!
Night all.


  1. Happy Birthday to Gary! Looks like a delicious lunch too.

    You might get this comment twice. My iPad isn't working right so it might have gone through twice.

  2. What a great celebration. And wow - your header photo is amazing.

  3. Lovely food, what a place to celebrate with family. Did the doggies and cats get a wee taste of the take-home pieces?

  4. Happy birthday, Gary. Your meals look yummy. Lori, I love your header with the scorching sun in the corner.


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