Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fallen Glads...

We are in the 80s for a week and things are drying out.

 I have an old (at least 25 years) Toro lawn tractor that I use for dragging my rings and
it has been outside getting covered by weeds.  The outdoor arena spent much of the summer flooded and all kinds of grass and other things have started to grow.  The man who usually rototills it for me has had his tractor in for repairs so it's been a long time since it was done properly.  Anyway, I decided to drag it today and of course the lawn tractor was as dead as a door nail.  I got out my pasture mowing lawn mower and jumped the Toro so I could use it.  As soon as I got back in the house Gordon called me and said he's coming to the farm on Monday!  Oh well.  At least we will have it back in shape and he is going to turn over all of our veggie gardens.
 For some reason our glads grew so tall they have started to fall over.
 I went from garden to garden and cut them down....
could not ignore them.

 We pulled everything out of the veggie gardens as I am going to turn them into lawns as fast as I can.  Next year I only want 5 well manicured raised beds.  Way to much work.

I spent part of the afternoon getting hooked on a new British Series,
then we had dinner before I went out for chore duty.
Leftovers of course.

 Tucked the girls in for the night

 and now I'm off duty.
Night all.

This is post number 5788.
Jenny and Scott are roughing it this weekend!
I never thought I would see her with a fishing pole in her hand!



  1. A full day for you and I'm glad you were able to relax towards the end of it to watch a "British Series," you are way, way too busy on most days! :-)!!

  2. I love your glads, I may try raising some of them next year to add to my bouquets! Cutting down on your gardens? Sounds like a good plan.


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