Monday, April 24, 2017

Cold Enough To Have A Fire....

 This morning I had to dress for the weather!  Freezing because of the strong wind.

 Around 9:15 the Town Highway Department arrived to pick all the debris we have been piling up.
I'm so glad they were able to take it away.  
Between the windstorm and the bamboo we had a major load.

 After they left I took off for Oak Orchard to have my reading glasses repaired.
Then I stopped at Agape for my usual (I have been very bad about going).
 On the way home I went to Wegmans and got back to the farm just in time to grab a shower.
Today Doug N. took our entire manure pile down to his farm where he will use it in his gardens.

I let the pups out and went
 down to Bobbie's for lunch and

 an afternoon of bridge.
 My monthly great escape.
 Didn't get home until 5!

 Dinner was easy.  Left over chicken soup, chips and
a roast beef/Swiss cheese/greens/Russian dressing sandwich.
 We had to start a fire as the wind chilled us to the bone.
 Now we can rest.

Night all.


  1. What a marvellous way for all the rough stuff to get taken away, and no man power, all machine done!!! The lawns are so green, and warming up slowly day by day, apart from today for you. Love those spring flowers.

  2. Looks like your furs are blowing
    Lily & Edward

  3. Cold and rainy here today too - I came into work and someone had left the air conditioning on; we could have used that fire! A brother is here from Florida and he's freezing, I'm going to take him to Wegmans to get his mind off of it (he's never been to one!)

    Hope you've had a good day, stay warm!

  4. We had a fire in the wood stove, here in KY this weekend. Spring is fickle, for sure.

  5. It was pretty chilly here too. Got what I wished for and more - 6 inches of rain from Sunday to Tuesday!

  6. Your dinners always look amazing!!


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