Monday, August 8, 2016

The Lady With The Green Thumb

Nice and cool this morning.

 Another new blossom.
 At 10:30 Judy and I went over to Tina's for a swim.
 She and two of her friends were ready to go kayaking....
 so we had the pool to ourselves.
 Flowers, flowers everywhere...

 Other than doing laundry and looking at pictures of dogs that need homes, I was not too productive this afternoon.
We had a very simple dinner....veggie burgers, mac salad and beets.
 About this salad....I did an experiment.
I boiled two eggs and some rings, put them in a bowl and hit them with a squirt of cider vinegar and olive oil (stirred so the pasta would not stick together).  I added red peppers, carrots and finally,
the mystery ingredient!  There was a little over a cup of homemade bean salad (6 kinds of beans, onions, carrots and peppers in a marinade) in the frig and I decided to dump it in.  Oh, and I added two teaspoons of hot salsa.  Finished it off with mayo, salt, pepper and celery salt and it was the best mac salad I have ever made.  I will do this again....for sure.
 We are still in a severe drought and our back yard is looking
 quite pathetic.  So does the rest of the lawn and the pastures too.
During the next 4 days we could be in the 90s.
Come on rain.
Night all.


  1. Beautiful flowers. Nice that you got to go for a swim. We were cool too but need rain. Everything is drying up. Supposed to get hot here too. Can't wait. I hate the heat and humidity. The mac salad looks very tasty.

  2. Oh my that is pretty dry! I wish I could have sent some of our rain your way! Of course it came with a price of washouts and some flooding and road damage.

  3. Lady come here. Moms killin all our flowers
    Lily & Edward

  4. waiting to see the recipe for your homemade bean salad...6?! kinds of beans??!!


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