Wednesday, March 23, 2016


The weather that is.......
 Gloomy and grey with the temperature dropping steadily.

 The driveway project was into full swing but I did not check it out tonight to see if they finished the job.

 I went to Agape early and did my thing.
20 minutes elliptical/ 10 minutes treadmill/ 20 minutes bike.
 Jenny and Scott gave us a gift certificate to Edibles (for Christmas) and we decided to use it today.  We preferred going to lunch instead of dinner so Jen could join us.
 What a great meal/tasting.
Even the water pitcher was cool.
 There is a very small bar with a booth in it....
 we sat there next to the window.  On the other side there was a dining room
The place felt very European.
By then it was raining and trying to switch to snow.
 We started with an appetizer.
A creamy mozzarella ball covered with pesto, tomato and peppers.
 My favorite of the entire meal.
 Jenny had a bowl of mushroom soup with a candied nut and beet salad.

Gary had a tomato bisque/bacon soup and an asparagus panko salad

and I had what the waitress recommended.... a short rib sandwich with cheddar cheese and caramelized onions.  Fries were shared by all and we each at least tasted everything!
 I'd go there again in a heartbeat.
We had money left (certificate) so we ordered a chicken salad
to go for dinner....if we think we will ever be hungry again.

Still raining when we left.
Made a stop on the way back to pick out some stone for the foundation going on the front of the studio.
 Below is the walkway leading into their showroom.  If I was loaded, this would be
somewhere on our property.
 As soon as we got back I changed my clothes and put the girls in the barn.  That was around 3.
Maggie and Angel were under the shed roof and once again....
Abbe and Berlin were out in the paddock getting drenched.

 On my way back to the house it start snowing.
There was a WINTER STORM WATCH warning on the expressway when we were driving in to Rochester.  They were calling for a start at 5pm.

Gary went to Jen's to hang with Finn and Coop while I sat in front of the fire playing some tunes on my Ukulele.  Of course that encouraged me to consider a nap.
Night all.


  1. Can't believe you were in for snow. We were sunny with about 65 degrees. Hope it wasn't too bad.

    Everything starts the restaurant looked very appetizing.

  2. Can't believe you got snow :( sounds like you had a busy day!


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